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About us

LLC “CAPRO OIL” specializes in the production of vegetable fats and oils, with a capacity of 300 tons of finished products per day. New technologies, own production and continuous improvement of product quality allows us to produce high-quality and cost-effective fats. The product range includes CAPROMILK milk fat substitutes, CAPRO-EXTRA confectionery fats, CAPRO cooking fats, CAPROLAD cocoa butter substitutes.

We produce and sell oil and fat products under the CAPRO trademark.

Opened in 2002, the factory of modified fats, is the first company in Ukraine for the deep processing of vegetable oils and fat modifications using methods of hydrogenation and transesterification. The main activity is the production of specialized industrial fats. Initially, the company was part of the Creative Group, and today, since 2019,  CAPRO OIL LLC has been continuing the tradition of developing high-quality products and satisfying consumer requests.

The existing system of quality control of manufactured products at the CAPRO OIL LLC once again confirmed the error-free work of the staff and the personal contribution of each employee to the common cause – providing the consumer with high-quality products. To do this, we have installed the most modern laboratory equipment, control methods and the use of European standards for control. At the input control of raw materials, up to 27 control criteria are carried out and up to 30 control points at each technological process.

In October 2019 the implementation of the food safety management system was completed by an audit by the international company Bureau Veritas Certification LLC, for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000: 2005. We received an international certificate for No. 102134H for compliance with the requirements of the standard. The HACCP Group created in the company holds regular meetings of “Quality Days”, where we analyze and plan the constant improvement of the food safety management system.

The management of CAPRO OIL LLC pursues a policy in the field of a food safety management system based on the following principles:

  • Strict compliance of the products with international and national requirements.
  • Satisfying customers by examining their requirements and analyzing their satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
  • Expanding the range of products through the use of the latest technology – for the most complete satisfaction of our customers.
  • The development and deepening of partnerships between the enterprise and suppliers, taking into account the importance of their role in ensuring the quality of products.
  • Ensuring the sanitary and hygienic conditions of production facilities and equipment necessary for the production of high-quality and safe products.
  • Providing, planning and conducting activities to improve professional skills and mastery of employees on the basis of a continuous process of retraining and advanced training of personnel.