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Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream

Grades 3T No. 51 and 3TL No. 51


Fat for the dairy industry “CAPROMILK”

Grades 3T  No. 51 and 3TL No. 51

General description:

Fat obtained from different types of vegetable oils by mixing with further purification and deodorization. Fat for the dairy industry, grade 3T No. 51 and 3TL No. 51, is manufactured according to TU U 10.4-36617706 – 002: 2019


Application area:

Fat for the dairy industry is used for partial or complete replacement of milk fat in the production of milk-containing products: sour cream, cream, glazed curds, and other dairy products.



3T No. 51 – palm oil and its fractions, emulsifier (E471), antioxidant (E320, E321).

3ТL No. 51 – refined deodorized palm oil and its fractions, emulsifier (Е471), antioxidant (Е320, Е321), β-carotene (Е160А), flavor.


Organoleptic indicators:

Consistency at a temperature of 18 ° C: homogeneous, solid, ductile.

Color: from white to yellow.

Taste and smell: pure taste characteristic of a fats, without a foreign taste and smell. With the introduction of flavorspronounced aroma due to the flavor that is introduced.

Transparency: transparent in molten form


Physico-chemical indicators:

Indicator, units of measurement


Melting point,  оС


Mass fraction of solid triacylglycerides, %

at a temperature of 15 ⁰С

at a temperature of 20 ⁰С

at a temperature of 30 ⁰С

at a temperature of 35 ⁰С





to 5

Hardness according to Kaminsky, g / cm


The content of free fatty acids,%, not more than


Peroxide value, mmol ½ O mmol / kg, not more than


Mass fraction of fat,%, not less than


Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles,%, not more than


Mass fraction of trans isomers of oleic acid,%, not more than


Energy value, kcal / 100g




Fat is packed in cardboard boxes, which are lined with food-grade plastic bags.

Net weight is 20 kg. It is possible to pack in another container or leave in liquid form, in bulk.


Warranty period of storage:

-20…0        18 months

+1…+4    13,5 months

+4…+10     12 months                                                      

+10.+15   10,5 months                              

       +15.+20        9 months